Keep People Praising Christ!!

“My music – and a message of Hope!”

FM 96.9

Welcome to KPPC, broadcasting from northeast San Antonio and bringing a message of hope in Jesus Christ to the whole world.

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Program Listing

Alamo Methodist Church Service Broadcast Live Streamed at

1:00 PM, 5:00 PM  and 6:00 PM

Live streaming is now available.

Weekday Morning Show hosted by Tom Kinkead

50’s at 5:00 PM featuring the best of Rock and Roll from the 1950’s

60’s at 6:00 PM featuring the best of songs from 1960’s

70’s at 7:00 PM featuring the hit songs of the 1970’s

NEW!  Every Saturday at 7 PM -10 PM  80’s with DJ Whipple

Streaming App available at

  If you have a windows, android or apple device, you can get a free app on this web site. If you look at the bottom of the web page, you will find all categories of devices including Kindle which also has a free app.

Installing this app on your device will allow you to listen to KPPC anywhere.   Make sure you follow the publisher’s instructions on the installation of the app.  You can also listen to KPPC live on your pc by going to the webpage and clicking on the web link on the home page.