Keep People Praising Christ!!

“My music – and a message of Hope!”

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Welcome to KPPC, broadcasting from northeast San Antonio and bringing a message of hope in Jesus Christ to the whole world.

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We are so thankful that our listeners were patient.  Good news we are back on the air better than ever. Spread the good news to your friends and family.  

Check out our Program listings for new additions.

KPPC is an extension ministry of Alamo United Methodist Church. Our programing includes music from the 50's to the 80's eras with messages of hope and inspiration from personal experiences of our church members and friends.

We regret that due to our physical location, our output power is limited by the FCC and unable to reach our most avid listeners beyond a five mile radius.

Call us at (210) 910-5772


KPPC is a partner with Chuck Knows Church.  

Listen for episodes of Chuck Knows Church on the air.